The Journey by J.M.A. Carpio

All days are not the same, some can boring while some can be really exciting. Everyone has their own story, a story about their journey.

I am a person who really loves journey. When I was a kid I dream to visit places such as Boracay, Palawan, Baguio and Samal. I would like to see their cultures, practices and how they live. Now that I am 19 years old I went many places and each places has a story.

One of the most exciting stories of my life was happened last April 18, 2017. I spent my vacation and experienced summer at Samal Island, Davao City together with my cousin.  We spent much time in traveling from Koronadal to Davao but it’s ok. In order to reach the island, we need to ride a barge, a large boat used mainly for rivers and seas. It was my first time to rid a barge and it was very exciting and awesome. The time we reached the place, I feel relax because of the fresh air. We stayed at Paul Beach resort, one of the beaches in Samal. The resort was good and full of happiness. I experienced to walk on white sand and it was so wonderful. The beach has full of living organism such as fishes and shells. We swam together with these organisms. April 20, 2017, we left the place and I can’t forget those experiences.

This is one of the best experiences in my life and I hope someday I will visit many places. Indeed, the journey was so really exciting.

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